Authentication method CRM 4.0 uses with 2 forests/domains (RetreiveADUserProperties) RRS feed

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    Hello All,


    A customer has 2 forests, both with 1 domain (I'll refer to them as domain A(in forest F1) and domain B(in forest F2).


    There is 1-way trust from A to B  (A trusts B)

    There is a firewall in between A and B.


    CRM 4.0 RTM installed in domain A on a member server (CRM4SRV)

    I can add users from domain B to a local group on CRM4SRV in domain A, but I cannot add users from domain B to CRM??


    I think it is because of the firewall, but I want to be sure that I got my facts correct.

    To know for sure I would like to know HOW Microsoft CRM authenticates to AD ??? Does it use the Application Pool Account (Identity), Computer Account (CRM4SRV$), User Account (A\CRMadmin) loged in to CRM, kerberos...


    I tried fiddler to snif some packets, but I don't understand the output of it. (The computer account is mentioned in the AUTH method)


    Any help would great!


    Thank you



    Monday, February 25, 2008 4:10 PM



    If you use CRM 4.0 enterprise license, then might be you can use one user with two different orgnaization. But i am afraid, you can check with implementation guide.







    Monday, February 25, 2008 4:32 PM