Sharing resources on a WAN RRS feed

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  • I'm having issues with shared drives on a WAN.  I am an IT Manager for a Radio station.

    Our systems that run the software that plays music and audio on the air set within its own network with the server that stores the audio. 

    This network is part of a larger domain.

    The Domain controller for both these networks in in a network separate from the network housing the on-air software.  The two networks communicate through the router.  We use this to keep the on-air network safe.

    We are having issues with the shared drive on the on-air server that houses the audio being lost for a span of 30-60 seconds by the workstation computers.  This causes a loss of air time which is problematic for our business.

    Event logs on the DCs show very little in the way of events.  Random seemingly unrelated time wise kerberos errors: Event 673

    The NICs in all the systems are set to never sleep
    The shared drives are set to be persistent
    The NET CONFIG is set to never autodisconnect with a value of -1 for all systems and the server

    I'm at wits end and would like some advice.  But first, where should I post this?
    Monday, March 1, 2010 5:16 PM