New Virus Found in Microsoft Security Center RRS feed

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  • This virus almost fooled me. It has Microsoft Logo and comes up on your computer and warns of "High Security Risk" Infected Files. If you try to go to Microsoft page it has "Access Denied" and tells you to do a full scan from menu below. If you stay too long in Internet Explorer, it will automaticaly do a Reset.
    It even has 'speach warning". I'm telling you it actually looks authentic from Microsoft. It not only attaches to Microsofts Security Center, it also attaches to Internet Explorer. 
    To top it off, it puts you to a page that says your Microsoft software is out of date and you need to pay for a renewal of 1 2 or 3 years and asks for your credit card.
    I have Symantec Endpoint and we had to work very hard to figure out what was going on. They do not have an answer yet. Perhaps in 6 hours.
    Have you heard about this one yet?
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