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  • I work for a small schools district of 11 schools and an IT staff of 4 people. We are currently in the process of removing Kaspersky from all of out machines. The task of going from machine to machine and editing registry values in order to bypass the required password is putting us extremely behind. 

    Now, I am the Cisco networking guy, but I got the bright idea to bring up writing a Powershell script to accomplish this task so naturally I became in charge on this project.. The biggest problem is that there are multiple versions of Kaspersky installed throughout our district. My questions is; is there a way to write a script to remove kaspersky of multiple versions using something like

    $app= get-wmiobject -class win32product |where-object {$_.name -match "AVP"} $app.uninstall()

    I would also like to force this operation so that it will be removed absolutely.

    My scripting experience is limited but I am willing to learn anything. This would literally save us hundreds of hours of labor to push this out in a GPO login script. 

    Thanks all! 

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  • You cannot use uninstall like that for most apps.

    get-wmiobject -class win32product  -Filter 'name LIKE "%AVP%"' |
          ForEach-Object{ $_.Uninstall() }

    You cannot u install apps from a login script.

    I recommend that you start your learning by learning Windows technologies (not GUI use).  After you acquire a technical knowledge of Windows then take a course in PowerShell.


    Thursday, November 9, 2017 5:33 AM