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  • I accidently found "Windows One Care!" I thought it was wounderfull I could print between my machines and see (as I  thought) that the others were protected by some sort of super device provided by MS. I believed that I was procted from any virius ect.? I have a third computer (this one) I tried to include it in my One Care circle but it would not work. It seemed that it was conflicting  with the antivirius that I had on this machine before (AVasti). It resisted removal but I tried differendmethodes of removal and seemed to have success with "Perfect Uninstaller" No! I did not have perfect uninstall? I now had THREE that is 3! copies of one Care on my one care circle and worse they could not be removed. The still cannot be. (The ERROR MESSAGE Reads an error is preventing this action). I have now went through all the suggestions that I have found and  my machine still comes yp with the ERROR MSSEGE One Care IS Already installed on this machine. How do I get Rided of it? It will not install a new copy untill I do! And then there is the other machines that Have Three Copies Showing on them. How do I get rid of those.    
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  • First of all, Windows Live OneCare cannot co-exist on a PC with other security software such as AVasti.
    Secondly, if you reinstall OneCare on a PC, it does not add another installation on that PC. What you are seeing is a listing of the computer in your Circle on a PC that you have designated to be a Hub PC. Each time you installed, it created a new entry for the PC.
    If you wish to physically remove OneCare from a machine where it is installed and not working - see this post:

    Now, your other problem is that you want to remove it from the list on the Hub PC in Manage your OneCare Circle. This is optional and not required unless you encounter an error when installing that says you have too many PCs on your subscription already.
    Since OneCare is on two PCs and working, you have several choices:
    1. Ignore the listing of the PC that has 3 entries where OneCare is not actually installed.
    2. Change the PC to *not* be a Hub PC and you won't see your Circle PCs.
    3. Make another PC into a Hub temporarily and try to remove the entries from the list from that PC and, if successful, change the PC to not be a hub afterwards.
    4. Contact support for help: 

    How to reach support (FAQ) - http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/onecareinstallandactivate/thread/30400b52-7f26-4ba0-bc18-17e305329d90


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