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  • I don't know if this was the problem, but this is what happened yesterday.

    I was about to go outside when I accidentally clicked the button on where you can install updates while you "turn off" your pc (its the one that has the power button on Vista). I unplugged my notebook because I was about to go out and thus, the update didn't finish.

    When I got back from outside I turned on my pc and left it, I was curious on why it shut off itself again (I thought it's a normal occurence when there's an update going that the system shuts off automatically? I think the update happened at that time and it shut itself down after)...and so I turned it on again and to my surprise my notebook was very slow. The startup took about 5 minutes and my notebook would consistenly lag. I tried going for a virus scan (twice already as of 4 am 6/26/08) and back-up of files (since I do it weekly through live one), and still I'm experiencing this problem. I used to have a start up time of 1 minute.

    What seems to be the problem here? I'm willing to do a system rest in case that's the only choice left.
    Thursday, June 26, 2008 8:57 PM

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  • Start your computer, open Windows Update, select "view update history", write down the KB numbers of updates installed on 6/25/08, then go to Start>Control Panel> Programs and Features, check the box that says "Show Updates" and uninstall the updates installed on that date. If your computer then operates normally download and install the updates.


    Thursday, June 26, 2008 9:18 PM