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  • Hi,
    I would need to gather counters with 2 pieces of tasks,Could you please provide an idea or script for the same

    Performance Counter Capture (Task 1):
    o Gathers real-time performance counter information. Counters to capture:
     ‘\W3SVC_W3WP(_Total)\Active Requests’ (Primary Counter to use)
     ‘\Web Service(_Total)\Current Connections’

    o Store counter data to either Data Table or CSV:
     Create 1 file per server. (i.e. “ActiveRequestsLast1Hour-Server1.csv”).
    Important to store counter data in a way that can at the same time been retrieved for analysis).

    o Capture values every 15 seconds. (Make Configurable)
    o Enable Circular Logging. Limit counter data to 1 hour. (Make Configurable).
    o MultipleServers (Server1, Server2,Server3…)

    – Performance Capture Analysis (Task 2):
    o Reads data from CSV or Data Table every 1 minute (Make Configurable).
    o Evaluate last 5 samples (if available) and check trends. Conditions:
     For each server-counter data captured:
    • An always increasing value in the last 5 samples should trigger an alert email
     Trend should be happening in ALL servers evaluated for an action (alert right now) to be taken

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