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  • This has happened to me occasionally over the last several months and I was able to restart my Windows Vista Ultimate/32 computer and resolve it. Sometimes immediately; sometimes it took 2-3 restarts. Today it became a consistent behavior.

    OneCare's icon comes up red at startup (as does the Windows Home Server icon) and the message in the Windows Live OneCare window is "URGENT: Turn on virus and spyware monitoring". I click the "turn on" button and nothing happens.

    On the left I select Settings and then the Virus and Spyware tab. It shows that the monitoring is off so I select the "On" choice and Apply the change. It does not take even though the display not highlights the "on". If I close the Settings and re-open it then the selection is shown as "Off".

    I opened the Windows Security and note that "Malware protection" is red and both "Virus Protection" and "Spyware and other malware protection" are Off. (Everything else shows green/OK.) Turning Windows Live OneCare on from either of these places also has no effect. (Just before typing this I did try turning on the Windows Defender Spyware & malware protection and was successful doing that after updating it. Now I don't remember how to turn it off which I assume I will eventually need to do again!)

    So I have a firewall, spyware protection and some security settings, WHS backup, etc., but no Virus protection.

    How do I turn it on?
    Monday, September 29, 2008 12:28 AM


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