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  • Hi there,

    I've now had 3 goes at the 70-410 exam and just failed each time (629)... I find the questions that are asked and the way they are worded are beyond realistic.  I'm worked in and around servers and desktops for years and as my current work place is a Microsoft partner we need to get a certification.  However the questions seem to focus more often than not on either PowerShell (seriously... this should be its own certification!) and knowing it inside out and back-to-front.  I've used it minimally over the last few years it is not what most admins I've met rely on day in day out.  Also knowing which policies out of the hundred's out there that are required to be set require (in my opinion) a photographic memory or severe luck.  

    I personally believe if the questions were worded better without being designed to trip you up Microsoft would find a lot more people interested in doing the exams and attaining the certifications.  I understand they need to test the concepts and understanding.. so test that and give useful feedback when someone fails the exam.

    The report you get from the Pearson Vue centre (both that I've used by the way are crap - to put it nicely... customer service and removal of distractions, larger screens, ..... - I could keep going here...) is very broad and effectively forces you to go through an entire chapter again or spend hours online or in a lab trying to reproduce the question scenario(s) that you may or may not have gotten correct.  Some more focused feedback here would go a long way.  

    The exams themselves seem to be inconsistent.  The first exam attempt I had, if I resat that exam or similar to it I know I would pass.  Each exam is supposed to focus on an area on Windows Server 2012 R2, each attempt has been like a completely new exam each time, making preparation harder again.

    I know I can have two more attempts at this exam, but unless my current workplace specifically demands it, I'm not sure it is worth the (likely) waste of money.... 

    Thursday, June 16, 2016 5:56 AM