Problem finding out how to create a simple reusable list used in multiple drop-down menu within one doc in Word RRS feed

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  • I have spent hours searching for some guidance on an issue I would have thought many would be interested in knowing how to do. What seemed like it came close were building blocks and auto text, but no source explained the transition from being included in the database to being inserted into the drop-down list.  Many sources also provided code-based solutions, which are over my head. All I want is a tutorial on how to create multiple drop-down lists using the same information to populate the lists.  So, for example, in one section of the form, the client is instructed to select specific items and then prioritize them 1-5.  The list of items is rather lengthy and requires a drop-down box, so it would be laborious to create an individual drop-down per item.  There are also multiple sections where clients must select from rooms in a house, and, again, creating the same list in other areas would be time consuming.  Guidance here would be appreciated.           
    Friday, September 11, 2015 4:19 AM