Got some real errors happening withthe drive pool storage not spanning or sharing files. RRS feed

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  • I had some 2-300 gig of space left when I added another 1.5 T drive to the other 2-1.5 T's and my 120 gig EIDE primary. this hard drive is shown as added to the pool but nothing is sharing or re balancing to it. its virtually empty and I have a warning of add another drive to the storage pool. Ah - its already there! what is up here? the first 3 drives are on the mother board. the added drive is on the added card, an SI model. I got like 88 gig being shown in this new drive and the other drives read like 99%,98% & 96% used. The first 2 1.5 T's read the nVidia drivers off the mother board. the other is reading the Seagate ID. (all the drives are Seagate) How do I split the data share to this new drive. At best as I read the data shares they got placed onto the first 2 drives and nothing is relocating to this other drive. I have had a backup fail now and the warning and found nothing on the help files to get me to understand what is going on here.

    Its sort of got me thinking I have to either dump files or build a new machine and come up with some other plan on this. this Server was ____ to build in the first place as I literally had to add 1 device or card at a time. Tried the put all the components in and fire it up only to have the integrity of everything shows good and fails with each start or boot up. but once I did this approach everything was stable till now. Its stable but won't add the storage balancing to span the drives. and just keep shoving it into the first 3 drives.

    Or do I pull the new drive add it to one of my other computers and drop files onto it that are in the data share areas and hope for the best there. This is nuts adding a drive but its not getting anything..

    Any help?

    Friday, December 17, 2010 10:00 PM