Text, Picture, and Table template display problem RRS feed

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  • I am new to LCDS and after creating my first eLearning course, I noticed that the Text that I entered into the Text, Picture, and Table template was being displayed incorrectly.  The help file shows this as displaying a picture, then below that the text and below that the table, but mine is displaying the picture and then to the right of that the text (text not below the picture).

    In the Preview in LCDS, it all looks perfect, text is below the picture.  But when I display it in IE 9, the text is to the right of the picture.  My eLearning course has 10 topics, of these 10, 6 are of template type Text, Picture, and Table and of those 6, 3 display correctly in IE 9 and 3 display incorrectly (text to right of picture).  Again they all look ok when displayed using the Preview in LCDS.

    I didn't actually fill in anything in the Table part of the template, could this be the issue?  I didn't fill this in on any of them though, and 3 still look fine.


    Any help appreciated,


    Thursday, December 8, 2011 2:37 PM