Windows Live Account suspended many problems can't see my emails . Please read thread RRS feed

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  • Hi, some months ago i got my Windows live account suspended. Because there was some problems with the servers. My account told me my password was wrong even tough it was right. So dumb as i was i kept trying to log on and at last the account got suspended. I tried to make a new password but that didn't work either. Because the new one should either be sent to my hotmail account or my alternetive email. First of all my alternative email is my hotmail ( and i can't log on my hotmail because my account got suspended. And the alternative is the same as my hotmail. Then i try using my secret password. But the qustion is whats the name of my first pet. I never had a pet and i didn't really think about that when i made the account so it was really dumb. I can't see my emails. I can't log on Games for Windows live, so that mean i can't play the new games i bort. Only if i contiune but then i can't save. Everthing is ____. I tried to find  a support address for windows live. But i couldn't find it. I made a new hotmail. but the old account still got my undread importnent emails and all the other stuff. Dose anyone know how i can fix this problem? Please its a big problem

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010 11:46 AM