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  • I have an MSAccess databse which stores data on mountaineering huts in the UK & outputs the information as local files in various formats (HTML, KML, TomTom POV, LMX etc).  These are all basically text files which are saved to a local folder.

    For interest I converted this to a SQLServer DB & C# program; with a dll which generates the file content & stores the files locally (exactly like the Access version does).  So I am happy passing the variables to the dll & writing them to a file.

     The reason I do this is to publish information on a club website, & I originally intended to update the files regularly & FTP them to the site.  It would however be much 'nicer' if I could generate these files on the fly from a database hosted on the website itself.


     1.  Can I use a dll to return a file object which I have generated on the fly?  The obvious way seems to be to write the information I am currently creating into a text string, rather than to a local file, but how would I then convert that string to a file object (such as "test.kml") & return it?

    2.  If I can do this locally then if I include the DB & DLL in the web site it should be easy to do the same thing on the web; or is that far to simplistic?

    3.  Could I also generate the html for the hut tables on the fly to display them in the content area of a web page; based on a master page?

    Hope the above makes sense and is appropriate for this forum.

    I am using the 2008 express editions of C# & VWD to do the program & website.



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