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  • Hi,

    I have been asked to develop a script which reads the user's skype for business meeting list and if there is a currently active meeting to join it without needing to click on join meeting in skype.

    I have got the script working for user's with an outlook account, however, designated skype meeting rooms with no outlook accounts aren't working and this was my primary goal. Could somebody please help me with making this work for skype meeting rooms with no outlook email/calendar set up (they are on O365 exchange servers as far as I am aware).

    The current way I have got it to work for users who have outlook set up is to create an outlook object, get the calendar from it and then return objects to the main method, where each object has the start, duration and body of the meeting. I then have some conditions which ensure the meeting is the currently active one and I then extract the meeting URL from the body  and set it as a hyperlink before opening it. 
    The current result of this is when you run my script (i have a link on the desktop - so when you double click it) it opens the internet and uses the SFB web plugin to load the SFB meeting and join it automatically without needing to do anything other than double click the link

    If anybody could help that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks :)

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