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  • Hi Dan

    Thank you for the link to MS site. I reckoned that the Student version was restricted for education.

    What I failed to understand was that

    a) I downloaded a trial version od Office 2003 Standard from a Microsoft site here in France.

    b) After some time I strated getting pop-ups asking me to convert to a full licence with the choice of entering a key from a retail outlet  or purchasing a key on line

    c) When I clicked on the purchase on line key I was onnected to a Microsoft site  and was asked to choose a country. having done so I was invited to click the Store button, which I did

    d)Then I was connected to Licence Techologies Inc (France ) and there the only product offered

    was the Student version.

    e) I then contacted them and they replied saying that this was the only product key that would activate and operate Office 2003

    f) As I have no illegal or pirated software on my two computers I then contacted Ségolène Béal of

    Microsoft France Legal Department to check that all was in order. I sent her two mails but got no response and later I came across Eric Boustouller's e-mail address on the web and sent him the same


    g) During the 2 or 3 months that I have been trying to get a simple yes or no answer I also called

    Microsoft France by telephone and was passed three different services. The last one was a commercial service and when I had finished explainin my problem I asked the guy if I could trust Microsoft and accept the purchase offer generated directly by Microsoft and he said  "yes"!


    So we are NOT in the same situation as described in the Microsoft web page. This was directly generated by Microsoft France and I consider that they are responsible if the offer is not in line with

    their licence terms. Perhaps this is why I cannot obtain a response.

    I have a trial version of Office 2007  - Home and Student - which I am legally entitled to purchase. It

    sells here for 169 Euros which is a little cheaper that 2003. I may well do so although 2007

    seems to be a lot more complicated and sophisticated and doing the same things seems to take more time!


    I have copies of all my correspondance to Microsoft - a pile of A4 sheets about one centimetre

    thick !

    There you have the full story!!



    Tuesday, April 10, 2007 8:23 AM
  • William,


    I think I understand your situation.


    In your place, I would purchase a copy of MS Office 2003 Standard from a local store or a trusted online merchant, uninstall all existing copies of Office 2003 and 2007, restart the computer, then install Office 2003 Std.  Here's why:


    1.  According to this article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/831023 and this FAQ http://www.microsoft.com/office/pctrial/faq.mspx#E2G, as far as I can tell there is no direct path to a simple "conversion" of the installed trial license of Office 2003 Std to the "pereptual license" retail Office 2003 Std.  The KB article says that if there is no menu entry to click on to "convert" the trial to a perpetual license, then the operation is not programmed into the trial and you have to uninstall the trial and then install the real one.


    2.  Curiously, I think the reason why License Technologies is offering only the online conversion for 2003 STE is that it is much more typical for major manufacturers to install trials of Office 2003 STE, therefore they most likely get quite a few calls to convert 2003 STE from trial to perpetual.


    3.  While Office 2007 STE is a little less expensive, as you say since you do not meet the special qualifications for that license you would not want to purchase it; plus, you're not comfortable with the new Office 2007 ribbon interface anyway.


    PS---Just an FYI, I posted that article for general information, and not specifically in response to anything you have posted.

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007 1:02 PM