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  • Hello guys,

    I want to use Sync Services Framework to implement following scenario.
    I have Windows Forms or WPF Smart Client which using WCF to communicate with Server. But I want to cache the data that user retrived by WCF Server (it takes this data from SQL Server). But i what to have mehanism that when connection is interrupted (because of  network connection or stopping of wcf server) smart client to continue to work with cached data in off line mode. In other hand i want to not double the data which is retrived. For example if i load by WCF Server List of Customer
    (object List<Customers>) this customers to be in the SQL Compact data base, but without take it again using Sync Services because i'll make traffic for data that i have already taken.

    Best regards,
    Svetlin Ralchev

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    Not sure if I can 100% understand your scenario. what you described seems to be a typical office case where the WPF uses whatever data from the local ssc database. once the data was sync-ed to the local SSC database, it will be there persistently unless you delete them. The sync service will not double the data on the client db.





    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 1:50 AM