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  • Hi there, in my organisation has Dynamic CRM 2011 and also we have SharePoint wesbite with SQL Reporting services seperatly installed on other servers (this is basically centalised SharePoint site to access ALL reports across whole organisation and we would like to add new CRM 2011 reports in here as well).

    I'm reporting service developer and business asked me to create few new SSRS reports for CRM 2011 and further deploy to SharePoint 2010 site. However my concern is if new report create within CRM tool then report will ONLY show those data that user allow to view. so if I create bunch of new reports outside of CRM then that security won't work and user will see ALL data into the reports.

    I can understand CRM 2011 security architecture (i.e. Role-based, Record-based, Field-level security) but is there any SQL tables/views (like complex query with JOINs for table/view) or other security package that I can use before executing 'SELECT' statment in sharepoint reports to make sure security work?

    Any idea? Thanks.

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  • The CRM security is implemented within the definition of the Filtered views - e.g. FilterAccount. So, as long as your reports query these views, and the report is executed using the user's credentials (as recognised by CRM), then CRM security will be applied.

    The tricky bit might be to ensure the report is executecd using the correct credentials. It sounds like you've multiple severs, so normal use of AD credentials will require that AD delegation is setup.

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