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  • I have a computer that I bought from a now nonexistant business some 2 or 3 years ago . It has an OEM licence number. I have activated a couple of times as I've put larger harddrives in. I've never had a problem with activation and never had a problem with updates. In fact I did instal the Windows validation tool some time back and my machine passed without any problems. However when I did the recent update it installed the new WAG tool and now I'm told I've got a pirated copy. How? I've never had any problems before, how come all of a sudden I've got a pirated copy when I've passed all the previous checks?

    This is really annoying as I now can't get any updates. Has Microsoft really got this right? I have seen a numbe of newsgroup posts where apparently valid copies have rejected. I'm loath to spend any more money with Microsoft when everything has been OK until this last update. I'm not a crook but Microsoft make me feel like one! I understand the concerns about piracy but we're not all bad Microsoft, some of us just want to get on with life without you making it difficult for us!
    Saturday, March 28, 2009 5:26 PM