Cannot create workflow to Update a record RRS feed

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  • In CRM Online solution for a Client I have customised the Opportunity form quite heavily, hiding or removing lots of the fields including hiding the locked fields used to calculate revenue i.e. total amount etc. as they are not required.

    Everything else on the form works fine and I have used a number of Business Rules without a hitch.

    However when I try and create a workflow (background) to update another field on the Opp record (which I cant do easily using Business Rules), I can create the step for Update Record but when I click Set Properties it fails with the generic "An error has occurred...Try Again" etc. 

    I have tested workflows on other records and the Update Record step works fine.

    I have added a step to Create Record and that works fine.Ive tried everything other than putting back all the fields I have removed. 

    Any suggestions?

    This is in CRM Online.

    Monday, September 8, 2014 8:06 PM