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  • I'm trying to create a script that will tell me if a computer has a re-boot pending. I am running a cmd file that copies over the PowerShell file, runs then deletes said file.

    if not exist \\%1\c$\. goto :err
    copy /y %~dp0Get_Reboot.ps1 \\%1\C$\Sources
    PsExec.exe \\%1 -s powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NonInteractive C:\Sources\Get_Reboot.ps1
    del \\%1\C$\Sources\Get_Reboot.ps1

    The PowerShell script that I'm running;

    # Install
    Install-Module -Name PendingReboot 
    # Run
    Test-PendingReboot -Detailed

    Returns the following information on screen;


    ComputerName                     : 120706-YOGA370
    ComponentBasedServicing          : False
    PendingComputerRenameDomainJoin  : False
    PendingFileRenameOperations      : True
    PendingFileRenameOperationsValue : {\??\C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun\ApiClient.dll.bak, , \??\C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft

                                       Shared\ClickToRun\OfficeClickToRun.exe.bak, ...}

    SystemCenterConfigManager        : False
    WindowsUpdateAutoUpdate          : False
    IsRebootPending                  : True

    I have tried to run the script below but it formats the data in rows vs columns

    Test-PendingReboot -Detailed | Select-Object ComputerName,ComponentBasedServicing,PendingComputerRenameDomainJoin,PendingFileRenameOpertions,PendingFileRenameOpertionsValue,SystemCenterConfigManager,WindowsUpdateAutoUpdate,IsRebootPending | Export-Csv c:\Logs\Reboot.csv

    Is there a way to format it so it appears above (on screen)?


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  • help format-Table -online


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  • If I use Out-File to a txt is displays the way I want it to but I would like to export as a csv.


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  • If I use Out-File to a txt is displays the way I want it to but I would like to export as a csv.


    Export-Csv will always be table format.  A CSV can never be in list format.


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  • Does this give you the results you are looking for?

    $rebootinfo=Test-PendingReboot -Detailed $rebootinfo >> C:\temp\outfile.csv

    #the rest of the script is optional; include it only if you want a message box with the results. $userresponseend=[System.Windows.MessageBox]::Show("Reboot Info: $rebootinfo`n", 'Reboot Info','ok') if ($UserResponseend -eq "ok" ) { #Yes activity } else { exit }

    I should point out that the ">>" on line two appends the output to the bottom of the .csv file each time the script runs; if you replace ">>" with ">" the output will overwrite the existing file.  If you are looking for a new (additional) file to be generated each time the script runs you might want to add a line at the top:

    $filename=Get-Date -format "dd-MM-yy HHmm"

    and replace outfile.csv with $filename.csv

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  • At present we are unable to run scripts on remote pc's. With that being said, I typically create a cmd file that launches a PSEXEC, copies the script over to the remote pc and then deletes it.

    The script that I'm attempting to write creates a txt file with pending reboot data and deposits it to c:\Logs\. I am hving difficulty copying the resulting txt file back to the source computer from where the original files are launched from.

    Install-PackageProvider -Name NuGet -MinimumVersion -Force
    Install-Module -Name PendingReboot -Force
    Test-PendingReboot -Detailed | Select-Object ComputerName,ComponentBasedServicing,PendingComputerRenameDomainJoin,PendingFileRenameOpertions,PendingFileRenameOpertionsValue,SystemCenterConfigManager,WindowsUpdateAutoUpdate,IsRebootPending | Sort-Object ComputerNmae | Out-File c:\Logs\Reboot.txt
    Copy-Item -Credential -   -Path c:\Logs\Reboot.txt -Destination \\#.#.#.#\P$\Remediation\CCM_SWUpdates\Logs\ -Recurse


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  • Do not use "Recurse" with a single file.  There is an extra "-" in your command line.

    Copy-Item -Pathc:\Logs\Reboot.txt -Destination \\#.#.#.#\P$\Remediation\CCM_SWUpdates\Logs -Credential $cred

    YOU must post the full error message.


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