How to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2013) for Outlook using SCCM 2012 - Client Config Wizard seems to not be needed RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I am very new to this product so this is a lot of trail and error.

    My goal is deploy it via SCCM 2012 R2 as an application. From my understanding this is a two part process. The first is to deploy the actual CRM Outlook Client and the second the running the Client Configuration Wizard.

    The first part looks good. I am able to install the client along with SP and rollup as well as supporting apps via an application in SCCM using dependencies.

    Now for the second part, actually running the Client Configuration Wizard for each user. My plan was to deploy an SCCM application to the device and run for each user. Then to use a REG key to see if the user is compliant with CRM in Outlook. Not sure specifically which one yet but I'm looking. Somewhere in HK Current User.

    So that was my plan. But what I found, after installing the Client, that my test user had the CRM settings after they logged back on to the machine. They had CRM icons in Outlook and were able to successfully launch the CRM options and connect to the CRM provider. This is WITHOUT running the Client Configuration Wizard. I tested this several times and numerous ways. I deleted the users profile. I also tested it with the user with an existing Outlook profile on the machine and setting up a new one. This is very strange, because from what I read you must run the wizard in order for it to work. Note that I was planning to use the Default Client Configuration XML, which does exist on the client (at the CRM install location) and has the answers to the URL and Organization name. I tried changing the settings in the XML but the original correct settings were made each time. So I am wondering if the settings are stored somewhere else.

    Any help with this "mystery" would be appreciated. Also, if there is any advice on if this is the best way to deploy CRM via SCCM, it would be appreciated. I have look for "real world' examples, but only seem to find official how to articles.




    Monday, May 2, 2016 11:27 AM