XBoc 360 showing old files in videos folders RRS feed

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  • I have my 360 set up and files being shared from my computers in the house, but I'm having an issue.


    I have the C drive listed as shared, and my downloads folder has some videos on it. However, when I pull up the c - downloads directory in the videos folder on the 360, it comes with a couple old videos that I've since deleted, and doesn't show any new ones in there.

    I've restarted everything, tried unsharing then sharing the folders/computer again, etc... but it just doesn't want to refresh. I'm pretty sure the directory is the same one I'm messing with too because the old deleted videos that still appear there won't play saying they can't be found.


    Any idea on how to refresh it? The same computer has some other shared folders and those refresh/share just fine. Oddly, I noticed that even when I completely lock my C drive and prevent sharing, the same info still shows up on the 360.

    Sunday, March 13, 2011 1:34 AM