How Can I Uninstall A Managed solution - Application Ribbon Errors RRS feed

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  • We have installed the managed solution CRM 2013 one click navigation.  We have also done some button customization with Scott Durow's Ribbon workbench. 

    We are now trying to uninstall the CRM 2013 One click navigation solution and we get Dependency errors .

    The specific error is

    Display Name: Application Ribbons

    Name/ID: RibbonCustomization

    Type: Application Ribbons

    Managed Solution: Crm 2013 One click navigation

    Required by : <our custom entity name>

      Is there any way for me to remove this managed solution without deleting the unrelated custom buttons I have created.  I have tried creating a solution with this entity in it, and I see buttons that reference the solution I am trying to remove, but they are part of a managed solution and I cannot remove them. 

    What other options do I have?  I have thought of replacing ribbondiff.xml but I do not have an original copy of this entity's ribbon since it is a custom entity. Do I have any other options?  Help.

    Tuesday, July 28, 2015 3:59 AM