Reinstalling XP onto laptop with Valid key by using a different CD RRS feed

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    Having lost the recovery Cd's for my Fujitsu laptop i now need to reinstall XP as it has become unstable.

    I have a Genuine Microsoft CD that i used for a O.E.M install a while back (key used on that machine)

    Can i reinstall XP on my laptop using this O.E.M Cd (not the key) and use the laptop's key?

    If not who do i need to call to have the license transfered?

    Just to clarify, the laptop is a genuine install but needs reinstalling.

    Any help whould be appreciated, i'd like to think i can do this as i have purchased the laptop with a geniune install.


    Wednesday, February 14, 2007 12:32 PM


  • Dalus,

    Especially on a laptop, it is always preferably from a specialized control programs (power profiles, hard disk drive protection, etc) and proprietary hardware point fo view to use the Recovery CDs from the laptop's manufacturer.  Before you do the installation with generic media inquire at Fujitsu support if recovery CDs are available.

    If the Edition of XP that came preinstalled on the computer is the same as the Edition of the genuine MS systembuilder/OEM CD (IOW, both are Home or both are Pro), you will be able to do the installation with the systembuilder media.

    As you mentioned be sure to use the PK on the Fujitsu's COA, and do NOT use the PK that came with the CD.

    After installation, conduct a Telephonic Activation.  If the automated telephone system rejects your activation request, choose the option to speak with a live activation rep, and explain that you are using systembuilder media to do the installation becasue the recovery CDs were lost.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007 6:20 PM