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  • There are times when i turn off my external hard drive, so it can cool down, and i end up missing a scheduled backup. A yellow warning alerts me that i have missed the schedule backup. So i manually begin a backup on the onecare menu screen. After the backup is done, the yellow warning is still there. It did not recognized that my daily backup was made up for manually. To get rid of the warning i have to schedule a new backup 2 minutes from the present moment, so that onecare thinks it has done its job of sticking on schedule.

    Maybe a prompt when a backup is missed saying "Would you like to reschedule the backup in 5,10,15 minutes, etc" or a prompt that says "Please click backup at any time in order to make up for the missed backup schedule"

    Seem reasonable?
    Tuesday, August 7, 2007 12:41 PM

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