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  • I just installed a new motherboard and CPU on my HP Pavilion a420n and I cannot get Windows to load from my hard drive.  I hooked up my power supply, CPU+ HS/F, EIDE hard drive, RAM and video card to my new motherboard and got it to display the initial white-text-on-black-screen BIOS startup screen.  I entered BIOS and saw that it correctly identified my CPU and the amount and speed of RAM I am using.  When I exited from BIOS, after 20 seconds or so during which time I could hear the hard drive whirring, the Windows startup logo flashed on my display, but only very briefly (less than a second) and it was rather faint - definitely less than half of the brightness level that it normally should have been.  Although the hard drive then continues running, I get nothing but a blank screen for one to two minutes without Windows starting and then the system restarts back to the initial BIOS startup screen.  This process repeats itself, even after I have turned the power off, waited a few minutes and then turned the computer on again.
    I thought that perhaps I need to boot up from the Windows XP reinstall disk that came with my HP, and although my computer did come with a Microsoft reinstall packet, I discovered that the actual disk itself was missing; I cannot recall whether I may have taken the disk out at some point a few years ago and subsequently misplaced it, or if the disk was never included when I bought the computer new, from Office Depot.  However I did find the Dell Win XP Home reinstall disk from my other computer and, after changing the boot priority settings in the BIOS so that my DVD drive booted first, I attempted to boot that Dell XP reinstall disk.  I selected the "repair an existing version of Windows" option which then asked me which Windows I wanted to repair, the third choice of which was c:/windows, which I selected.  It then asked me for the administrator's password.  I don't recall ever setting up such a password, so I hit "enter" and it gave me a c:/windows prompt in DOS.  From there, I couldn't figure out how to proceed forward.
    The computer came with SP1 and I have upgraded it to SP2.
    HDD has Windows XP SP2 on it along with a number of programs and files.  The original CPU was an AMD Athlon XP 3000 2.2gHz on an Asustek micro-ATX motherboard and I have upgraded it to a Pentium D805 on an ASRock Dual VSTA motherboard.  I would like to keep the hard drive as-is and if at all possible, I do not want to reinstall the OS and thereby lose the current contents of the disk drive (it would take me hours to re-install everything and I have a number of downloaded programs I have not even listed and don't have on disk.  
    Here's my current system:
    - 775 Dual VSTA motherboard
    - dual core Pentium D 805 (2.66gHz) processor
    - 1gb RAM (512mb x 2 PC2 5300)
    - XFX GeForce 6200 256mb AGP videocard
    - Seagate 160gb EIDE hard drive
    - Lite On 16x DVD-+RW drive
    - Phillips DVD drive
    - Rosewill 450w power supply
    - Win XP Home SP2
    So, can anyone help me get Windows up and running again?  Thanks
    Sunday, March 25, 2007 6:30 AM