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    It's happened to me again! I do a lot of work in DOS (the Windows XP version); I've worked an entire day on developing a script, and was close to getting it to work. Then, intending to do a directory read on the command prompt:


    dir test*


    I inadvertently typed:


    del test*


    My hard-developed script file, titled "test.txt", was duly deleted - not what I had intended. I just CANNOT understand why MicroSoft would have removed the "undelete" command to be executed from the command prompt.


    Of course, files deleted with the "del" command from the DOS prompt don't go into the recycle bin. They just disappear. In the past, as today again, I've searched and searched (for hours now) for some clue as to how a file, accidentally deleted with the "del" command, can be recovered. I've downloaded six different file recovery programs. None are able to find my deleted "test.txt" file for me.


    I cannot believe that the data is in fact no longer there. Why, o why, did MicroSoft do this?


    Anyway, does ANYONE out there have an idea how to recover my deleted file?




    Angry and annoyed in London

    Thursday, October 9, 2008 9:16 AM