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    I bought a Surfacebook II in February 2016 and it has maybe at most 40 hours of limited use  .   The touch screen no longer recognizes the base keyboard. I've detached the touch screen from the bass probably less than 10 times since I've owned it.  A couple weeks ago I detached the touch screen, used it and reattached it.  A couple days later I went to use it and the keyboard didn't work.  The red light on the detach key remains lit and the touch screen would not detach from the base.  the touch screen does not recognize the base at all.  I took it to a Microsoft store for them to fix it and they said it was a hardware problem with the bass and would cost $600 for a new base...WHAT!!!...the thing has less than 40 hours on it and MS techs say the base has a hardware issue and the can't fix it???!!!  The problem is obviously some type of driver issue but since the touch screen can't see the base a drive wipe and reinstall, or driver update won't work...looks like a design build failure to me.

    I cry foul...if your product fails with such little use then your selling a faulty product and it should either be fixed for free or if others are experiencing the problem and it's a design build failure it should be recalled.  I've done research on the problem and I am not the only one having this issue.  I don't know how many experienced this issue but one is to many without proper recourse.

    So this post is probably more of a rant than a plee for help.  Just disgusted that Microsoft can not help a loyal customer of over 30 years out. Bah...I will never buy another Microsoft computer again and highly recommend you don't or if you do be sure to buy the extended warranty that will cover the length of your ownership.

    If you do happen to have a solution for this issue and care to share I would greatly appreciate it.



    Wednesday, January 31, 2018 12:45 AM


  • I bought a surface pro 3 right when they came out, skipped the 4, ordered the surface book when released, had issues, so returned for replacement, had issues with replacement so returned for credit and ended up buying a surface pro 4. Still using both the 3 and 4.

    I'd ask for help over here.




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    Wednesday, January 31, 2018 12:52 AM