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  • The more I read, the more confused I seem to get...I know there's a lot of Microsoft certifications, and I could choose to go in so many directions...but I don't know which way to go...I can't make up my mind between MCSD or MCSA (MCSA may be easier for me to get, even though I'm a web developer...I'm good with HTML and CSS, but that's it so far...MCSD Web Dev. looks like it deals with .net and such, and I know nothing about it)

    I'm getting sidetracked here...all of the above being said, I'm interested in MCSA...but There's Windows 7, Windows 8, and Server, and SQL...I'm not really interested in SQL...so I feel like I should focus on Windows 7/8 or server...

    So all of THAT being said... What could I do with MCSA Windows 8 and what could I do with MCSA Server?

    I'm a freelance web developer, and again, I'm good with HTML and CSS so far, but I've never held a true IT job, and I'd REALLY like to break into the field...I'm very very confused and distraught :(

    Monday, August 5, 2013 3:44 AM


  • It will let you do whatever you have the skills to do.  Its a very broad question that is not easy to answer.  If you want to break into the IT field than I would start with MCSA on Windows 7 only because its very prevalent and most companies are still migrating from XP to 7.  Theoretically with the MCSA on Windows 7 you should be able to do a broad range of tasks in Windows 7 but the key is to look at the objectives with the certification path you would like to take.  There are books and other study materials readily available to help with your studies to receive MCSA.  Again, look at the objectives to see the skills you should have or need to learn about and that will cover what you "could do" with an MCSA.


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    Monday, August 5, 2013 1:36 PM