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  • Alas, I have chosen to sync between 2 computers on different networks by syncing to my USB thumb drive and then syncing from that drive to the second computer, as in A to B and then B to C -- essentially an "associative property of syncing".  To begin with, I was disappointed that SyncToy couldn't take two existing data sets (starting at a given folder and descending hierarchically) that already exist and are similar but (probably) not exactly aligned and establish the alignment.  This is apparently because SyncToy neeeds its own DB records.  While this SyncToy record of the work probably provides extra "smarts," I am afraid it is probably the cause of my inability to sync A to B and B to C, since I am guessing that the A_to_B DB gets clobbered by the B_to_C action.  Well, it is just a guess, but the very first time I went back to A/B to sync a few more files that I know have changed, I get a failure to do any work whatsoever.  (The message is: Exception during run: The FileSyncProvider received an unexpected error while applying a synchronized change.) Well, my guess as to the problem may be wrong since the error message isn't too instructive to me (though probably to the developers).  At this point, I am confident that I can write an acceptable synchronization mechanism in kshell or Ruby (and one that can start with two similar data sets that have never been synced) that will serve me sufficiently.  Anyway, thanks for the cool tool, even if it doesn't seem meet my use model.
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  • Hi -

    Creating two seperate folder pairs between A-B and then B-C would have worked just fine without stomping on each other. Others have reported the exception that you are seeing. We have been unable to discover the reason for this but it seems releated to FAT filesystems ( which I am giessing your thumb drive is).

    Deepa ( Microsoft Sync Framework)
    Monday, July 6, 2009 10:56 PM