no longer read my email messages RRS feed

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  • Windows 7 Live Mail.

    Prior to February 25, 2015, I can no longer read my email messages.  In the Inbox, they all show with Date & From but when I click on it, I get:

    () Add Contact

    or displayed as garbage like:   ­j¹ÅÖ Þ•ì´äL¡Î{/Ã}×‑ _ôŘ­+*ð`$T§Ù‹nß¨hœÌ/oc!îyØñ—_«ºÜ~ǘ|Oä‚óë²õØ@)ñæ¤+§CaÄëJ­}„êÍG˜OTÓ#Ë’FÔWûQCo0)R@}Ùí¶¯çˆŽoWCMòùIMµŠÚÏ^Aw[1]­xùŒ`¨!öe¨§ºú7 #7ê“m…ˆ j¯d

    I’d like to read them. Can anyone help?

    Thank you,

    Nick Koriakin
    Monday, March 2, 2015 10:22 PM