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  • HI, my site is Home Insurance Quotes and it is 3 months old. I created high quality pages, and they are being indexed but that's not the problem. I simply want to know why my site is not included in the SERPS. I have good quality backlinks, sitemap, robots.txt, good code to text ratio, etc.. My site rank is 5 bars, but all my pages are just ranked 3 bars. None of my pages are showing up in the index. And the only way i can tell it's indexed is by using the site command.

    Also, there is no redirection, no change of nameservers or registrant, the site was never hosted on another domain, etc.. I would appreciate a explanation as to why my site is not showing up. I make a living online so fixing this problem is vital for both me and my family. Thanks!

    Thursday, January 17, 2008 3:12 AM


  • Well not so simple really.  I look at your page http://www.homeinsurancequotes.tv/ and I see one page with three links. The "click here to begin" button, http://www.homeinsurancequotes.tv/cheapest_insurance_rates.html, and a home link.  When I look at your site in google they have indexed a bunch of other pages like http://www.homeinsurancequotes.tv/mississippi_home_insurance_ms.htm. I don't see an link to each of these sites and you don't appear to have a sitemap file.  The sub-pages appear to be duplicates of the first page but focused on a state.   When I followed the Click here to begin button it takes me to another page on a different domain.   I assume this is some kind of affliliate program? 


    I recommend you read the following:



    I am not sure if there is a discrepancy in the data, but when I look at the site rank I don't see a great rank for this site.  I also looked at your backlinks and there is a ton of links but a lot are bid for link sites.  Many of which border on link farms.  These will not improve your rank. 


    I recommend the obvious. Start with a sitemap, create one and add it to your root and robots file. Include any page that you want crawled and indexed in this sitemap don't leave it out unless you don't want it crawled. 


    In terms of information architecture any page you want crawled should be acessible via text links. Right now you don't really have any navigation. All the state related pages you have should be linked to and clearly accessible.  The content for each of those pages should be unique.  This will keep the pages from being de-duped.   Most of the content looks exaclty a like except for the change in state name (this doesn't qualify as unique). 


    I also recommend not using the frames that you have.  They just aren't crawler friendly and I don't see a use architectually for them in your site other than to repeat the content. 


    Hope this helps



    Monday, January 21, 2008 10:29 PM