How can I get DiskPart to see my flash drive as a disk and not just a volume? RRS feed

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  • The title really says it all...

    I need to document a way for users to create a bootable flash drive for Operating System Deployment (we are using WinPE and SCCM - PXE/WDS is not configured and is currently not an option). 

    What I have found is that some XP systems will not see the flash drive as a disk.  You run List Disk and you only get a single entry, the hard disk.  If you run List Volume, it will show the flash drive, but you can't select volume # in DiskPart that comes with XP and get it to work. 

    When Windows 7's DiskPart only sees the flash drive as a volume, you can select volume #, clean, create partiton primary, select partition 1, active, format fs=fat32 quick and copy the needed files.  So there is no real issue in Windows 7, problem is we have 30+ offices where we still have techs using XP and before we roll out this imaging solution to them we would like for them to have a way to create flash drives themselves (and burning the ISO is not a solution either as most offices still do not have burners).

    What I have done for a few offices is have them image a new system the old way which includes the ConfigMgr client, advertise a Windows 7 task sequence to this new system, then once it completes imaging, they can use DiskPart on Windows 7 to create the flash drive - this is MUCH too cumbersome!

    These techs do not have access to the ConfigMgr Console either so can't use the Create Task Sequence Media wizard to create one either.

    Later, Lee
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  • You might want to try the Technet forums.  I bet those guys have Diskpart down. :-)  http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums.
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