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  • I just Installed Streets and Trips 2013, and in calculating drive times it does not consider time zone changes, as my version 2008 did.  In other words, with a drive across South Dakota, it shows a total drive time of about 5.5 hours (which is WAY too fast anyway).  However when showing the arrival time it has not factored in the time zone change. So when I leave Sioux Falls at 6:00am, it shows me arriving in Rapid City at 11:35, when in reality because of the time zone change, it would be 10:35 in Rapid City. On the return trip it shows an arrival time in Sioux Falls of 11:35, when in reality it would be 12:35 because of the time zone change.

    But, quite frankly, it would be very difficult to travers the state in 5.5 hours (I have it set for 15 minute rest stops every 2.5 hours, and have the average speed pulled WAY down - much slower than I did with version 2008). So I think there's something broken in the drive time calculation asside from the time zone issue.

    These issues will make it very awkward to schedule appointments, as I often must traverse the time zone line, and I need an accurate arrival time in order to keep an accurate schedule.

    Saturday, July 21, 2012 4:29 PM

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  • I never used version 2008, so I can't comment on your statement that it did, in fact, correct for time zone changes.

    Beginning in 2009, I can tell you that it did not.  The itinerary would contain verbiage stating something along these lines:  Caution: the next stop is in a different time zone.  On an eastbound trip I simply created a dummy one-hour stop at the point on the route where the time zone changed in order that the itinerary would show the correct arrival time.  I was never able to figure out a workaround for a westbound trip, as you cannot enter a dummy stop of negative-one-hour duration.  Someone suggested entering a stop of 23 hours; that worked, sort-of, but it added another full day to the intinerary.  So I just learned to live with the westbound arrival time being one hour off, as you describe above.


    Tuesday, July 24, 2012 1:36 PM
  • "Caution: the next stop is in a different time zone.  "

    That seems to me to be the only logical way to handle time zone shifts. Then you may reset your watch after you arrive. Or not.

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    Tuesday, July 24, 2012 2:22 PM