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  • I am posting you this today from a Knoppix Live distribution of Linux. Since I can't leave Windows 8 running for very long before my computer reboots from an over-temperature switch; because of background task manager and anti-malware (which was disabled but is still present) tasks... I also kill explorer (as the shell) to even be able to run programs properly. This is really pissing me off that you have ANY background task running more than 10% CPU EVER (note that my PC is 5 years old, and only has 2 cores)!!!

    Last night I reset to boot Windows 8 so I could play World of Warcraft, which I never ended up doing... yet just re-starting to Windows 8 up was enough to start tasks that overheated my CPU causing an over-temperature shutdown (by morning).

    So where is the Windows 8 Bug Report forum? You think you guys are that good not to offer a bug report forum (FYI, you are not)? Besides reporting bugs, I'd like to know how to shutdown task scheduler, defender, disk defragmenting, and any background explorer tasks (like file indexing, searching).

    I guess a Mac it is, I need something to run World of Warcraft on, sadly Wine for Linux isn't cutting it. :/

    This is Windows 95 all over again, hopefully I don't have to take a 3 year exodus from Windows like that again. :(

    And what really makes this sad is that, since I am in computer sales, I have to lie to people constantly about how great Windows 8 is... I do love the UI, but the excessive CPU usage is unreasonable. Apple is appreciating it though, since I recommend them more now.

    Also, do you really need to document every edit in your forums, the last edited time isn't enough?

    Tuesday, May 7, 2013 1:02 PM


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