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  • We on the Live Search Webmaster Team are very interested in your feedback on how we can make our tools more useful. Our goal has always been to help publishers improve their organic search results through a self-service online toolset and direct technical support.


    Please feel free to give us any type of feedback you think would help, everything from "I want another report in Crawl Issues" to "I want a fully automated SEO best practices analyzer I can run in my test environment". Anything you can think of!


    This forum is a place where we will actively manage and respond to your feedback - so don't be surprised if we rename posts to things that make more sense to us, or group feedback together. It is just a sign of how we are actively using your feedbakc to improve our product.


    Thank you again for your time to help us make a better product,


    Nathan Buggia

    Sr. Lead Program Manager

    Live Search Webmaster Tools


    Thursday, August 7, 2008 4:56 PM