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  • Hi,,,,
    I have windows 8 and using File History as main back up. Seems to be working well.
    I also would like some advise on the following; ,,,
    I keep some my Doc folders copied on a usb so i can work with them at work ,, i then come home and sometimes have prob sorting which files are latest on usb and on home PC.
    Is syncToy a viable option for me ,,, ???
    Can i make changes to files and delete etc on usb ,,, and different changes on PC (same folders) ,,, and then use sync toys to sort it all out?
    I can imagine that it would work well with 1way sync, but not sure going both ways when i have added/deleted etc on both locations?
    i was previously using directory Opus for this, but only with one way sync ,,, one has to be careful changes were are made in one location.
    I would prefer to stay Microsoft Based.
    I dont have access to SkyDrive at work PC
    Thanks for any Help/Advice
    Monday, June 3, 2013 7:34 PM