ICE 2 formats Photosynth panoramas incorrectly. RRS feed

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  • I'm not sure what specifically ICE 2 is doing differently than ICE 1 does when it packages a panorama for upload to Photosynth.net but when I use Photosynth.net's Silverlight panorama editor to add Highlights to a panorama, it works as expected with panoramas uploaded from ICE 1, but with panoramas uploaded from ICE 2, the outlined portion in the main viewer results in a completely different portion of the panorama shown in the thumbnail of the highlight being created.

    I had a fellow user report the bug when he added highlights to his panorama uploaded from ICE 2.

    I then downloaded his pano's cube map, stitched it back together with ICE 1 and uploaded it to a test account of mine and added highlights to it. The highlights showed exactly what they ought to.

    I then stitched together those exact same files I'd downloaded before with ICE 2 and uploaded it to the same test account and added highlights to it. This resulted in me being able to reproduce the bug.

    I do not currently have an installation of Photoshop to test the Photoshop plugin with, but would be interested in knowing whether panoramas uploaded with it also suffer from this bug or if ICE 2 is the only culprit.

    Monday, February 29, 2016 10:37 AM