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  • LMAO Yep finally a build that works I had lots of issues with a wloc 2.0.2500.10 as most of my post I let ya all know. Also to see if anyone else was having issues It took 2.0.2500.14 a new Windows Live ID and a few weeks for the re-install to settle in.


    Now I wait to see what the next Build of WLOC will bring.


    Also As a tester I have one goal in hopes WLOC dev team can streamline the AV/Spy scan engine to handle larger & compressed files My only complaint is the time it takes to run a complete Scan and Tune-up I have roughly 480 gigs used between 2 320gig hard drives on my Vista computer resetting my vista bakup for 2008 helped since were only in January 2008. But by the time we get to December 2008 there will be 12 months of bakups on my second drive again It'll take 48hrs again Grrrrr.


    I hope the AV/spy scan engine can be beefed up by then Vista SP1 with Exfat will be out too by then too. But that presents a whole new WLOC challenges.


    Well there's My January 2008 concerns this far

    and thank god my Previous issues are gone.



    Monday, January 7, 2008 6:51 PM