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  • I just finished installed WHS 2011 on my Aspire H340 EasyStore

    Rule number one. NEVER EVER Use the Connector,Dashboard,LaunchPad for any Server administration or tasks, The only thing that peace of software is good for is backing up home computers to the Server (which is needed for that to work) unless your on windows Vista / Windows 7 and wish to do backup via Windows backup in control panal and save System images to Shared Folders over the network then you do not need the DashBoard, LaunchPad installed at on all on that pc.

    For commen Admin taks follow these steps. And always remmember to Remote Desktop into server. Port 3389 Default. Administrator and what ever password you setup orginally


    Add users with or with out administrator Privliages, Start> type Computer managment. Local users and Groups>Users.. Right Click in user section>Add new user

    Once the user is added Righ click That same user>Properties>(tab) member Of> Add
    users if not all ready there. Add Administrotors if you wish that user to be a administrator of that server.


    Remote Desktop user Access.. Start>Right Click Computer>Properties. On the left side fined Remote Settings. Click Select users. Click Add user. In the enter the object names put in the user name. That user now has remote desktop access

    Sharing a folder on the network. Example. open Computer. select d:\ make a new folder called Test. Right click folder>Properties (tab sharing) Click advanced Sharing. Check Share this folder. Click Permissions. Click Add user. In the enter the object names put in the user name. Now that user has access to that folder over the network. Add as many users as you need Or add "everyone" & "guest" and ever one on your network has access to that folder. Remmeber to select with Permissions that user/group has on the bottom..

    backing up the Server OS (c:\) as a windowsImageBackup. DO NOT USER THE DASHBOARD to backup server. REASON. It only alowse you to back to removible HDD. DOSE  not alowe to be backed up to any of the internal Server HDD Drives or Network Shared Folders.

    The REAL way to backup the OS (c:\ and others) Start> type Computer managment. Left Side Click. Storage + > Windows Server backup. On the Right Panal click Backup Once.

    Click Different Options > Custom > Add items > make Sure to check bare metal, System State, c:\  & one other drive that most likely will not have a drive letter (in windows Vista/7 it would be called the System Reserved) hit ok Click next

    here you can use Local Drives Or Remote Shared Folder. (something the DASHBOARD CAN NOT DO) Click local Drives Pick from the drop down menu were you want the image to be stored, Finally click backup. You will now have a WindowsImageBackup of your OS drive, You can restore this image via Windows Home Server OR windows 7 Disc  Via Boot of disc and uses the repaire menu.

    Removing Un-needed windows Features.  Start> type Computer managment > left Panal Click Features. Center Panel Click Remove Features . Desktop Experience is really not needed on a windows server. Ink and handwriting is a wast as well


    The only ones I current have installed are .net Freamwork 3.5.1 Features, Remote Server Administration Tools, RPC over HTTP Proxy, Windows Process Activation Service & windows server backup Features. Rest seem to be useless. Over all I have 5/37 installed.


    PS: Google PS3 Media Server and install that on WHS 2011. Way better then using Windows media Player for streaming Media.



    Remmeber Never do any Admin Work over the DashBoard. The Secret to Windows Home Server 2011 is Knowing its Windows 7601.17640.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506 (AKA windows Server 2008 Standered Edition) and all the dashboard dose it stupife ever thing and limited the user from its true Power. You can bascily run windows home Server 2011 as a Real Windows Server 2008 with out all the Dumb Down exprince.


    I personlly run WHS 2011 with IIS and a  Website using no-ip.org one can visit my Hobbie project at http://maddoggyca.no-ip.org:8080 This is all setup behind my Router, Setup using Computer management > Roles > Web Server (IIS) >internet Information Service and a bit of knowlage on how to setup the rest. 


    My concoultion. For $49 MSRP (OEM) it is the cheapest Full Fleaged Windows SERVER you can buy and use for just about anything, If you know a bit about windows Server 2008 Standard edition. (its the same thing)

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