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    Short story, The company I work for bought two new HP x2 computers for there sales people, I set up both computers but they were not right for their intended purpose, they went out and exchanged them for two dell Inspiron 3147's (nice computers) anyway, during the setup of these NEW dells and without signing in to Microsoft both computers came up with the same picture, (desktop background) Picture of their store front, not some picture that came with Windows 8.1. that I had on the HP's. Note: I deleted everything I installed on the HP's including the pictures on the HP's before they were taken back to the store. OK there is the question:

    How the $%^* did this happen!!!!    or

    Does Microsoft save everything in your computer?

    One other thing I didn't sign in to Cloud.

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014 4:47 PM