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  • The WIFI is not turning on at startup on my HP laptop. This just started happening after I updated the BIOS through the HP help assistant, but there were Windows updates in waiting at the time that are now installed, so I can't be sure which updates might have changed things. On first boot up it won't connect and only gives the option of turning it on "Manually", or on a time frame of hours, (you select 1 hr, 2hr, 4hr, etc).  You press the physical WIFI button on the laptop and it turns on airplane mode. I hit it again and it turns off airplane mode. I go to the network button in the notifications bar and click it and it turns dark. I go to settings and go to WIFI in networks and click the WIFI #2, (don't know what or where WIFI #1 is), off/on switch and it goes blue, (on supposedly), and it doesn't connect. After this I try the network button in the notification bar again and still nothing. I run the network trouble shooter and it tells me I have to turn the WIFI on with the physical button on the computer, a circle; dead-end. I restart the computer and the WIFI is still off and showing it needs to be turned on manually, but now the WIFI button on the notification bar works and I am connected. My WIFI networks are set to connect automictically when in range, and they always did when I started the laptop before.  Where do you suggest I go to correct this. I know how to roll back updates; not sure how or if you can roll back BIOS updates.

    Thanks for your help!  Mike



    Thursday, December 5, 2019 6:17 PM


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