Synctoy is stopping on a certain file (which is a normal word-file, 33kb big and new) and doesn't continue the sync inbetween two hours. RRS feed

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  • hallo everyone.

    i'm using synctoy for sync my laptop and my netbook with the help of two external hd's (one in my offices place and one at home). 

    but already trying to make the first sync needed hours. so i let the synctoy work over night.

    in the morning the statusbar was in the middle - so i decided to split the synctask.

    now i've realized that sync is stopping by certain file (for example a new one i created today, which is 33 kb big and a normal ms word-file). after two hours of seeing no progress in the statusbar i have stopped the task and restarted the laptop to start again - and synctoy again didn't get over this one file.... what's the problem.

    would be nice if somebody could help me, cause it costs me allready three nights and this day just to sync a bit of my datas.....


    Monday, March 29, 2010 4:01 PM