Can a lookup behave differently during New and Update RRS feed

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  • Hi ,

    i have a custom entity

    1) assign Projects to Sales Manager

    In this entity Sales manager will be assigned to Projects based on 1:N relationship

    Eg: Sales manager Naveen assigned to Project Construction and Naveen is assigned to Project Pipeline

    In my lead form owner is the sales manager and i have lookup for projects where only the projects associated with that sales manager is filtered in that lookup .Lookup using ASsignprojectstosalesmanager entity.

    Eg: is the sales manager is naveen , it will only shows Projects 1) Construction and 2) pipeline

    we have created another custom entity recently to assign sales manager to agent.so that we can monitor agent progress.

    2) Assign Agent to Sales Manager

    in this entity , Agents will be assigned to Sales Manager in 1:1 Relationship.

    and also Agent can be assign to Projects of that sales manager

    Eg: Agent Kishore is assigned to Naveen and  assigned to Project Construction

    Agent Praveen is assigned to Naveen and assign to Project Pipeline and Project construction.

    Now in my lead form, i have to filter Projects lookup based on Agent selection.

    Existing Lead form lookup for project selection refer to entity  assign Projects to Sales Manager.

    Now i have to use the same lookup field to display projects belongs to that agent which is available in Assign Agent to Sales Manager entity.

    Eg: in lead form, if sales manager is naveen and agent is Kishore i have to display only Construction in my Project selection.Currently it displays both construction and pipeline based on agent filter.

    How can i do this? Any help will b much appreciated.

    Is it possible that i can create a custom view lookup and assign that view during the form creation to this lookup.and whenever user wants to update there wont be any change in existing lookup.


    Tuesday, September 2, 2014 7:11 AM