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  • I had a power cut whilst the server was backing up.

    Two outcomes (though may be others so far undiscovered):

    i) Computers & backup - Server shows backup status as "unknown" and after a search records "error retrieving backup data". The dashboard restore wizard does not work.

    However Computer backup(s) are not broken.

    ii) Users - does not list user names.

    So it looks as the Dashboard may be somewhat broken.

    Alert Viewer may be giving some clue:

    "One or more services are not running

    The following important Windows services are not running:

    Windows Server Addins Infrastructure Service
    Windows Server Identity Management Service
    Windows Server Server Backup Service

    Note: Services can be stopped when software updates are applied.

    To start the services

    1. Open the Services Microsoft Management Console (services.msc).
    2. Right-click the service, and then click Start"

    Found the services, started them from the console, but this has not helped unless I have not done it correctly.

    Restarting the server fails to initialise these services...I note there is a service "Windows Sever Initialisation" which reads as though it participates in the initiation of the server infrastructure. This does not show a status - though this may be correct if it only participates at start up.

    I have sorted the user/password issues from the WHS11 control panel...so windows itself is not broken.

    Suggestion please as to how I can get the server backup working....the server has only been running a couple of weeks so the backups do not contain any thing important. That that does exist will be in the computer backups.

    The provision of a UPS for this server is for another day..I have already deployed 5 elsewhere but two have already failed (another story)

    Many thanks


    Tuesday, August 23, 2011 10:06 PM

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