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  • I was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me what my "local host" name is for my WHS?  I didn't know if it was my server's name or my xxxxx.homeserver.com address.

    I am (still) troubleshooting DNS resolution issue with my WHS.

    I found someone on the web having the identical problems that I am having.  He had some suggestions.

    First he said that it was possible that my ISP might have a server of the same name as my WHS. My WHS clients are resolving DNS for local machines through my ISP's DNS causing my Connector software not to work.

    I wasn't sure what problems for my WHS and network there would be changing the name of my WHS.  Probably nothing but I wanted to ask.  He also said that he resolved his problem by going into his router and setting the "local host" name of this nework. It looked like he put his xxxx.homeserver.com name in the box but the box was too small to show the entire name.  I have a setting like that in my router.  It's called "Belkin" and when I ping my server by name the name gets appended by ".Belkin" I can't disable this "feature".

    Actually, I think I can scratch the idea of a computer with the same name because I have now switched my router to using OpenDNS and this did not fix the DNS issue I am having.  It just shows the DNS of OpenDNS instead of my ISP (Roadrunner) when I ping the server by name.

    I have tried pinging "<myservername>.<xxxxx.homeserver.com> but it also resolved to the OpenDNS address.

    I have also decided to buy a wired router to maybe resolve these issue as I am having these problems only on PC's that use DHCP. I plan on using my wireless router as an AP and let the new wired router handle the DHCP and port forwarding.
    Maybe that will solve it to.  Grasping at straws, I guess. :)


    Wednesday, September 16, 2009 6:53 PM


  • Yipee Yipee Yipee :)

    Okay.  So I knew the local hostname was my server name but I was confused because it looked like this guy
    was using his homeserver.com address.

    I went ahead and put my servername in the "local hostname" section of my router and....it worked :)

    Now whether I am on DHCP or static, its resolving the IP address of my WHS box.  So I should be able to do a
    successful restore now which I plan to test here shortly...

    I hope this thread might help others who may come across this same issue.

    Now what to do with this wired router I'm getting in the mail in a couple of days...LOL...

    I should be able to use it solely as a firewall to help resolve my port opening issues I still seem to have on my router.

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