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    I think someone is using my browser as when I come on line there is already history to sites and I just opened the browser. These are sites I did not go to. I have remote access turned off and I am the only one using my computer. I have since blocked the sites. Or it jumps to another site intermittantly one of those sites is dexknows and it is frequent but always goes to a Rockford Illinois page which I feel may be a clue or not.


    OneCare has found the following things:

    exploit:Js/ShellCode.gen (it quarantined it and asked me to send a report to OneCare. I did)

    Win32/small.gen!B (This was removed per OneCare)

    Exploit:Win32/Pdfjsc.H (This was removed per OneCare)

    Exploit:Win32/Wantvi.I (This was removed per OneCare)

    TrojanDownloader:Win32/Swif.M  (this one is found alot and is removed by OneCare)


    I think something has embedded itself into the actual internet explorer program. I was on Walmart site and I was watching the process of the url's on the bottom of the screen and I watched it go from walmart to a site named weoriuow . com. I blocked that.


    this did not start happening till I started using things on rock you dot com for a website I take care of.

    I have since removed these items from a webpage I take care of.


    It is obvious that something is embedded somewhere into software but how do I discover what software?


    Any help, solution, education at all would be appreciated. Yes I have used OneCare in safemode several times.






    Monday, December 1, 2008 3:27 AM


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