AdCenter plurals keywords and capitalization using params? RRS feed

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  • Here are a couple things I have noticed.  I don’t think anything is broken, just different than what I was using before and wanted to make sure my understanding is correct.


    Plurals: AdCenter DOESN’T match on plurals?  Example I have “Low Calorie Recipe” as a keyword and someone types in “Low Calorie Recipes” that is NOT a match and my ad will NOT display.  I think this is what is happening and I have started adding plurals into my keywords.  This woule be true for either the exact or phrased matches.  It might display using the broad match for Low and Calorie, but I rarely will ever use broad match.


    Capitalization: When using the {keyword}, {param1} or {param2} the text displays exactly how you typed it in.  Example using keyword “low calorie recipe” and the {keyword} param in my title my ad title would display as  low calorie recipe  not  Low Calorie Recipe  Again, this is what I am seeing so I wanted to be sure I was correct.  This might be a future enhancement to the product to add a toggle so we can have our params display using Title Case.



    J dave.

    Friday, June 8, 2007 3:52 PM