Edge server installed, troubleshooting PIC RRS feed

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    My edge server seems to be working well, communicator mobile works, remote access works (its an access edge server only), however PIC does not work with any of the 3 IM providers. Clients are stuck at presence unkown and it has been this way for days (i've read things that says this can take awhile to start working). Is there a troubleshooting guide anywhere?


    I've got the DNS records set as documented, the SSL cert is the Godaddy.com UCC cert, and all else works as expected with Edge (except for expanding DL's from communicator mobile or remote access, i think that's because the internal interface can't see the CRL of the internal cert server; will post on that seperately).


    Any help with PIC setup would be appreciated, or if anyone knows of a good troubleshooting doc.




    Friday, November 14, 2008 3:55 PM